3D Rendering

What is a “Design Plan”?

A design plan is a set of drawings and specifications which detail the entire project. In order to prepare a proposal, your contractor must know exactly what you need, what you might want to include and perhaps what you might hope to add to have the addition of your dreams.

These specifications must include: the type, grade, size and shape of windows, doors, floors, wall coverings, light fixtures, electrical outlets, insulation, air conditioning unit, roof design, brick or siding exteriors….and much, much more. This plan takes time, but it is the key to a successful, on-time, on-budget project.

Why a Design Plan?
The design plan is critical to preparing a realistic cost proposal that includes the homeowner’s basic requirements and other wants and wishes.
Other benefits of a design plan include:

  • Saves time
  • Saves money
  • Defines needs and wants
  • Lists specific materials
  • Allows the client to “view” the project before construction begins

What’s the fee for a Design Plan?
The fee for the design plan is determined by the size and scope of the project. Half that cost is payable when the design plan contract is signed; with the balance due when the design plan is approved. Work on the project proposal begins when the design contract is approved. When Vertical Contractors begins work on the remodeling/addition, the cost of the design plan will be deducted from the cost of the project.

3D Renderings

Part of every project and every design plan is a 3D rendering of your project. There is no better way to scope out a project than to visualize the final results. We can help you avoid the high cost of an architect, and provide you with a plan that meets your needs and wants. We partner with you to build your dream!

From Concept to Design

3D Rendering 1
3D Rendering 2

Our team becomes your team

Step One:
The homeowner is the key member of the design team. Vertical Contractors  team members have the experience; the homeowner has the dream! The design team meets at your home, listens to your ideas, photographs the site and takes measurements. They also note the “little things”… the portrait you want to fit over the new fireplace or Grandma’s rosebushes that mustn’t be disturbed. It’s these little things merged into the overall plan that make a house, a home. The entire team reviews standard and state-of-the arts materials, allowing the homeowner to select standard materials for one area, and “splurge” on something special for another.

3D Rendering

Step Two: Once the design plan and specification lists are complete, a follow-up meeting is scheduled to allow for “fine tuning” of the design plan. At this phase, changes are easy!

Step Three: Using the design plan, our team will prepare a proposal (not an “estimate”) on the project. Once the homeowner reviews and accepts the proposal, Vertical Contractors  will order permits and materials and schedule the construction. Construction begins!

The Final Step: Thanks to the design plan, construction begins with the right materials and with the proper crew. Day by day, another phase of the project is visible… the stamped concrete walkway … the marble fireplace…the unique lighting, etc. Before you know it, your new addition is ready for you to enjoy.