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Design and Build 

REO Specialists (Repossessed Properties) – Vertical Contractors, LLC provides a full spectrum property rehabilitation on a proposal basis. Rehab services will be coordinated through the property owner and designated local listing agent, utilizing in-house expertise and licensed and insured sub-contractors as needed.
New Construction – As a licensed and insured General Contractors with collectively 75+ years of experience, We manage your project from designing your ideas through building and beyond your Certificate of Occupancy.
3D Renderings – We help you visualize your remodel or construction project with a 3D rendering of the final design. By allowing you to visualize the final design upfront, we help you save money on expensive reworks during the project.
Problem solving build situations – Louisiana’s unique environment and ground conditions present challenges only a local, experienced contractor can resolve. Creative problem solving using the best of new technology is part of what Vertical Contractors brings to the table.
Home Repairs (All Types) – From plumbing and electrical issues to foundation and roofing problems, Vertical resolves and repairs problems.
House Additions – See our “Gallery” section for a closer look at the variety and scope of projects we have done for other satisfied customers.
House Remodeling – Vertical does more than a face lift when completing a St Tammany House Remodeling project. Enhancing both the look and the usefulness of existing living areas is at the center of design through completion.
Renovations – Webster defines renovation as: to restore; make new; refresh; reinvigorate; revive. That is what we can do to our existing living space. From kitchens and bathrooms to complete home renovations, Vertical delivers “just what you had in mind.”
Framing – Proper framing is essential to constructing a building square or “plumb”. At Vertical we use high quality framing materials and adhere to the age old carpentry guideline to “Measure twice and cut once”. The end result is that windows and doors fit properly and flooring is square. While some builders feel that is old fashioned, we believe the end result speaks for itself.
Carpentry – Our experienced carpenters can build virtually anything. Wood, metal, or concrete we finish it all and leave nothing undone.
Crown Molding – Because walls and ceilings are not always “plumb” or square, Crown Molding needs to measured and cut exactly and precisely to minimize caulk use as “filler.” Vertical is experienced at designing and installing all types of crown molding. We can stack everything from single runs, multiple runs of 3 or even 5 pieces. Tell us the look you have in mind!
Flooring – From Hardwood to carpet to etched concrete to linoleum, including sub floor rebuild and patching.
Sheetrock – From patches in your home to complete commercial projects, vertical has the necessary expertise – for your skimmed or textured look.
Stucco & concrete – Whether repairing and matching your existing stucco or for new building projects, Vertical brings the same commitment to excellence to these exterior finsh projects or to flat work.
Decks and Fences – Vertical designs custom decks to enhance your outdoor living area, pool or yard. Our fence construction is both versatile and stylish and always built to withstand the toughest environmental conditions.
Garages – Do you want to expand your current garage? Perhaps build a new one? Need more storage? Free standing or attached structures are our specialty.
Roofing – With the amount of annual rainfall we get in southeastern Louisiana, having a water tight roof and proper drainage systems are essential. From installation to repair including proper grading of the surrounding landscape for watershed.
Driveways & Walks – Cement flat work is more than just filling an area with concrete. Proper foundation work is essential to prevent future aggregate cracking etc. At Vertical we use professional equipment to shoot grades and use better than industry standards to reinforce our projects for years of quality flatwork.
Turn key jobs – From start to finish, from design to certificate of occupancy, we can accomplish the entire project for you!
Tree Removal – Professional removal of trees, fallen or not, including stump removal and tree debris haul away. Including site clearing.
Mold Remediation
Rebuilding Distressed Properties for Resale – We specialize in getting properties quickly on the market following foreclosure or abandonment so investors don’t waste time and money waiting for a property to be attractive and functional and on the market.
and many more…
View our Gallery of Mandeville Home Additions, St Tammany House Remodeling, and many more projects that we have completed.