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Professional REO Asset Management

One Call Does it All!

Vertical Contractors takes care of your Realtor/Bank Owned property. We are a full turnkey property preservation company capable of handling all aspects of property maintenance, cleanup and repairs. We can provide everything you need, from securing the property by following statutory lockout procedures after foreclosure, to on-going maintenance and monitoring of the property. At Vertical, we understand that a Realtor’s primary concern is to sell the property. Real Estate Agents need a one call solution to solve property issues and bring the property to a sellable condition.
Let our team’s knowledge and experience help you to succeed at getting your property to market in the least amount of time possible with the greatest amount of return.
REO Services St Tammany
Specific services may include:

  • Appliance replacement and installation
  • All mechanical and HVAC work, including plumbing and electrical.
  • All structural work, including foundation, masonry, roof, carpentry, drywall, windows and doors, etc.
  • Interior and exterior cosmetic improvements, including flooring (carpet, wood and tile), paint, cabinets and counters
  • Landscaping, exterior lighting and outbuilding repairs
  • Interior renovation, including aesthetic and structural improvement
  • Exterior improvements, including material upgrades
  • Landscaping enhancements, including lawn, plant and tree installations, sprinkler system installation, lighting installation, fencing and gate repair/installation, etc.
  • Re-key, lock-out, board-up, trash-out, winterization and other services, as required.

We Also Offer the Following Property Rehab Services

Lawn and Yard
?Mow, trim, and edge on recurring schedule as requested by client
?Remove clippings and broom sweep as needed
?Before and after documentation provided online (via dropbox) with photos
?Special services such as fertilization or aeration, available upon request
Janitorial Services
?”Sales Clean,” including wipe down, vacuum, sweep, or mop all floors, countertops, walls, etc., clean all ceiling fans, windows, window sills, and mini-blinds, clean interior & exterior of all appliances
?Vacuum, mop, scrub bowls and basins, and wipe down all surfaces on recurring schedule as requested by client
?Before and after documentation provided online (via dropbox) with photos
?Special services such as window cleaning, deodorizing, and maintaining lighting
Winterization Services
?Protect properties against freeze damage according to local codes and ordinances and adhering to the very highest quality standards
?Dry and wet heat winterizations will be completed on properties located in seasonal areas
?Work includes pressure draining the entire plumbing system, draining hot water heater(s), disconnecting and tagging water source(s), installing non-toxic antifreeze in all traps, appliances, bowls and fixtures, as appropriate.
Pool Maintenance
?Drain, acid wash, and refill as necessary
?Start-up of the pool and its operating systems
?Add necessary chemicals to ensure the proper pH balance
?Inspect and recommend appropriate repairs or replacement of pumps, motors, and filters
Special Regulatory Services
?Municipality and HOA Compliance
?Specific code violation and HOA restriction response as dictated by local authorities.
?Mitigation and resolution direct with local authorities
Miscellaneous Services
?Smoke detector inspection and replacement, per local regulations
?Discoloration inspection, remediation and treatment
?Fire sprinkler inspection and replacement, per local regulations
?Lawn sprinkler and drip system inspection and replacement
?Water heater strap installations, per local regulations